Learn About the Most Powerful Weapons Used In Free Fire Battlegrounds

Free Fire Battlegrounds is one of the most exciting and challenging thirdperson shooter game where your ultimate goal is to stay alive. In such a game you will obviously need the help of deadly weapons to back you up. Along with it, you can also make use of the Free Fire Battleground cheats by hacking garena free fire battlegrounds and getting diamonds  for some extra help. In this article, we are going to explore all the different kinds of weapons used in the Free Fire Battlegrounds.

What are the strongest weapons in Free Fire Battlegrounds?

The Free Fire Battlegrounds have some of the most powerful weapons that you can use. All these weapons are provided by the game so that you can increase your chances of survival in the game. With the help of these weapons you can battle it out with the other players in the battleground and if you are skilled enough then you can be the last lucky one surviving in the game. Having said now let’s check out the different weapons that are available in the game.

Groza: Groza is a weapon that is obtained in the game from gift items coming from the sky. This weapon makes use of the AR bullets. With the help of this weapon, you can shoot at far off distances. This will allow you to shoot your opponents from a long distance. The weapons are known to have excellent strength. Unlike other weapons, Groza can be used to shoot at both short and long distances.

Scar: Another great weapon that is used in the game is the Scar. This weapon also makes use of the AR bullets. The scar is a better weapon than VSS in terms of strength. With the help of this weapon, the opponent can reduce your health point to a great extent. Therefore, you need to be very careful of this particular weapon.

M1014: With the help of this weapon you can easily knock down your opponent in one or two shots. This is one very powerful weapon that is used in the game. Opponents without proper armor can be an easy target for this weapon. The only downside of this weapon of this weapon is that it has a very narrow range of bullets. However, this will prove to be useful when the battle area starts to shrink and the distance between the players starts reducing.

VSS: This may not be as powerful as the other weapons but then it has other advantages. This weapon is known to make a sound while you are shooting with it. When you attack your enemy from a faroff distance using this weapon, it will not be detected in the map and therefore, your opponent will not get to know that who is firing or from did the gunfire come. The bullets that are sued in this weapon are known as SMJ. The biggest advantage of this weapon is that it has a very far range of bullets.

M14: This is a semi-sniper weapon that is used to shoot at long distances and also known to have a high firepower. Your opponents are sure to get hurt badly when hit by this weapon. You can also use a scope with this weapon. Unlike other weapons, M14 comes with a lot of bullet chambers. This ensures that you do not have to load your gun every now and then.

So these are the most powerful weapons that you get to use in the game and thus, defend yourself with it. Knowing the weapons is important so that you can use the right weapon at the right time.