An overview of Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is an online multiplayer battle game played over mobile phones. Since the game can be played over android as well as iOS platforms, it has grown quite popular all over the world. The game features a number of different heroes known as avatars. Different Heroes have different abilities. The players are also provided with the option of upgrading their Heroes and purchasing newer ones in exchange for gold.

Activities within the game

The players get some time for matchmaking after which they are required to take part in battles. The battles are rather fast paced and get completed in just over 10 minutes. This allows the players to keep a close track of their progress. Each team has 5 Heroes, and the players can form alliances with any other fellow players to create a strong team. The common activities in Mobile Legends hack are jungling, laning, tower rushing, item building and more. However, the major target is to blow up the enemy’s base and emerge victorious in battles.

The game has easy controls that are made using the touchpad. One can also make a few customizations, such as last hitting, auto hitting, etc. that make the controls even easier. The movements are seamless without any glitches and time lags, allowing the players a superior control over the game.

The game allows you to connect with other players

Mobile Legends has players from all over the world. You can choose your country flag and have it displayed next to your character. There are also other community features such as live streaming, library streams and e-sports system that allows you to watch high-level battles taking place within the game.

The map

There is a section within the game featuring a Mini Map. This shows you all the different locations with creeps and the activities that are taking place between the different teams. This feature helps you keep a better track of the enemy team and take preparations accordingly.

The MP and the HP

The MP (mana points) and the HP (hit points) show you the amount of blood that is left with your character. The blood goes on decreasing when you are exposed to the attack. Hence, you can keep an eye on the hit points to see if you are making proper utilization of your skills. Upon defeating the opponent Heroes, you will be able to level up your own characters.