Beginner Tips That Make Playing Clash Royale a Breeze

Clash Royale is a massive game with intense game play and a number of strategies to get to the top and level up. There are however, a few tricks and tips you can use to level up faster and stay ahead in the game. One of these is using the clone spell to dodge an incoming rocket. Using the clone spell you can protect your sparky from an incoming rocket or any other attack by simply cloning the sparky so that the clone will be attacked and your original sparky will remain intact.

Hidden Range Buff
Another trick that most people don’t know about in Clash Royale is that some cards have a secret extra range buff. Cards that have this secret extra range include the Prince card and the Guard card. The guards have spirits which give them a secret 0.5 power range ball, and because the Prince uses a long lens as his weapon, he’s also given a 0.5 hidden range ball. Because of this, when the prince and the guard are attacking other cards, like the Valkyrie, if the Valkyrie is attacking other cards with a 360 degree splash effect, the guards and prince can now actually attack the Valkyrie without getting damaged back. This hidden range buff might not seem like the biggest advantage, but it’s very helpful in certain scenarios when playing against decks with a lot of splash damage.
Elixir Counting

Elixir counting is something most players usually don’t do, but should do in Clash Royale. This could be because it is a very difficult thing and requires a lot of multitasking. You can do this by making a mental map of the enemy’s cards and memorize all the cards they have so that you can pin down what card the enemy can place down next. Elixir counting also gives you the knowledge whether it’s okay or not okay to go for a counter push or an ambush. For elixir counting you have to not only focus on playing your cards effectively but you have to keep a count on what your opponent is spending. It’s a very difficult skill, but if it is correctly mastered, dominating your opponent becomes much easier than usual.

Deck Building

The final tip for staying ahead in Clash Royale is proper deck building which can be done via the help of Clash Royale Hack: Clash Royale Free Gems. It is very important to know what a Clash Royale deck should have, and what it shouldn’t have. Remembering to use certain important cards can help in knowing if your deck has every type of card that is needed to not allow any weakness in the deck. The important cards that every deck needs include a load extra card (like a skeleton or a goblin), a range troop, anti-air, at least one high hit point troop (like a goal or a giant), at least one flying troop, at least one damaging spell (like a poison spell or a fireball spell), a countering card (like flash cards, Valkyries and bombers).

In conclusion, Clash Royale is a game that keeps you thinking on your feet and play strategically while multitasking. Using these tips and tricks makes the gameplay not only more enjoyable but will also put you on the fast track to becoming a better player.